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Buyer Registration

Welcome to the REAL Ranch Horse Sale! 


The past few years have spurred more online auctions and more buyers have been comfortable with bidding online. In 2021 the number of absentee bidders greatly increased for the REAL Ranch Horse Sale, leading us to provide options to better serve the buyers and sellers. This year, the REAL Ranch Horse Sale will be conducted online where you will be able to watch and bid online in real time. 


The sale will be fast paced, just like you were sitting in the stands bidding right along with the auctioneer, you can do so from your computer or mobile device. You'll be able to watch bids come in all while watching each consignments' sale video.


You must be registered prior to the sale in order to bid.

View the Auction or Bid on the Sale at the link below.


Thank you, 

From Boe Robbie & the ConneXion Livestock Team

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