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A “true” ranch horse has always been a very desirable commodity in the West and also the rest of the equine world. A horse started and used on the ranch has a significant advantage over those that are not. They have been exposed to many different situations, terrain, and most importantly, many different jobs. They learn to travel long distances in rough country, and they learn how to work hard. Like it has been said, “Wet saddle blankets make good horses”. A “true” ranch horse, therefore, can go to work in many different disciplines.


These are the type of horses we sell. 


The people who make these horses are also a desirable commodity. To produce this horse, they must start out looking for what the horse has to offer, and not what they demand of the horse. They strive to work with their horses to make them better, always seeking to find the best in them. Thusly, their horses learn to enjoy life and their work, making it best for both of them. These are the kinds of people we have invited to this sale.

Ranch Horse Criteria

  1. Horses will be 4 years old or older. Geldings or Mares. 

  2. Will have spent a significant amount of time on a ranch or livestock operation.

  3. Will participate in a preview that will expose them to work day ranch activities.

  4. Should be able to go to work the next day.

  5. Will be screened by a vet, and any significant blemishes will be called.

  6. Will be absolutely NO TRADER OR FIXED UP HORSES.


Young Ranch Horse Criteria 

  1. Horses will be 3 years old or older. Geldings or Mares.

  2. Should have 90+ rides on them. 

  3. Should have some roping experience.

  4. Will be previewed at walk, trot, and lope. Some roping possible.


Berry Vine Photography


Un-started 2-year-olds in Spring Sale 

Unstarted 2-year-olds are screened by a vet just as all saddle horses. A veterinarian screens each colt for soundness as consigners lunge colts both directions as well as trot in hand. To have top-end ranch and performance horses you need a solid foundation. That includes good breeding, riding the sires and/or dams, and for sure riding their colts. Getting them out in big country to see how they travel, doctoring outside to see their speed, cow sense, and disposition. Dragging calves in the branding pen, to see how they handle pressure and if they're up to a days work. The breeders in this sale know their horses because they have developed them over time and with lots of sweat both man and horse. Every one of these consignors has ridden or had one of their horses ridden and sold through the "REAL" Ranch Horse Invitational Sale. These are the people we have invited.

At "REAL" Ranch Horse Sale we feel incredibly lucky that we get to do what we love. We’d love for you to take part in the REAL Ranch Horse Sale experience.

For more information, get in touch!

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